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We were the three musketeers and Senda is Dartacan….

I don’t remember your voice, your gestures, your laugh, your kisses… Everything vanished one day in July four years ago.

However, I remember your tasty meals like your stew, your chicken in sauce, your fish soup, and to think that I will never taste them from your hands makes me very sad.

I see the years, the days, the minutes and it seems to me, sometimes, a dream, a bad dream that haunts me and from which I will wake up finding everything as before …

But life never asks your decisions, everything that is given to you you have to pick up with surprise, fear or illusion.  When you open the gift you are aware of your destiny and only then do you know what is in store for you.

There is no possibility of change, there is no possibility of improvement, if the gift offered is pain, you will not be able to do anything to reject it …

That is why life is wise, because it gives misfortunes to those who know they can bear them, to those who, even in despair, are happy.  Fate gives the worst cards to the strongest, to those who, against all odds, will come out ahead, that is why fate deals and distributes well.

Having the worst cards does not necessarily have a disadvantageous outcome, if you know how to play well you can be the winner in this whole story.  The same happens with your life, if in negative circumstances you know how to make the most of the bits of happiness that stand out, then this period will pass and you will come out much stronger.

Each negative pole is accompanied by its complementary, in this way there will always be something good in the bad plays of destiny, you just have to search well.

But only if you are a good person will you be able to win the game, because if you are a hypocrite, a liar, a negative, a despot, then the negative will seep into your soul and paint it black.

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I have learned to enjoy the little things and the good people around me.  See more posts


He aprendido a disfrutar con las cosas pequeñas y con las buenas personas que me rodean.

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