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Broken memories


You came to that house shivering with cold and everything was cloudy for a moment.

It was an old house with the smell of the past, of lives lived and pain, yes, a lot of pain.  You were cold because it was snowing outside, but when you felt inside the house, you were caught by another kind of cold.  It was a cold of longing, loneliness, self-pity, and punishment.

You bought that house without visiting it in person because you just wanted to escape from your life.  Fate led you to that place and to that new home that was for sale.  With self-assurance, you called the phone number that appeared on the «FOR SALE» sign and you just bought it.  You were surprised by its low price for a 19th century Victorian house, but you didn’t mean to think twice.  You launched into that new adventure.

Amazed by the feeling that came over you, you were aware that the house looked different at dusk.  It was surprising that you weren’t afraid, but it was.

In three months, the workers you hired repaired all the breakdowns in the house, painted it, polished all the floors, installed heating in all rooms, changed the kitchen, toilets and made it ready for your arrival.  Such beauty seemed unbelievable!  You kept a large part of the furniture that was there, because they were authentic works of art from the century in which the house lived its best moments.

You were alone on your first night and when you stopped shivering, you noticed that the heating was on and everything was at a good temperature.

You wanted to record your new beginning, you wanted to show your virtual audience how to live with your past demons and how to turn this empty house into a home of good times, of loves that are covered with the blanket in front of the fire, into a virtual house and a  house that you would gradually fill with new experiences… .. But this house ……

Elena.  M§

To be continue…….


He aprendido a disfrutar con las cosas pequeñas y con las buenas personas que me rodean.

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