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Walk the tightrope

«When you realize that you are procrastinating, ask yourself: What am I trying to run away from? «

I walk the tightrope and on each side there is an embankment, I have to go very slowly so as not to fall.  I open my arms and cross them so as not to sway and achieve the balance that helps me pass to the other side.

Slowly I go along the rope overcoming any obstacle and getting upright again to continue and I go on and on … My goal is to get there without falling or dying trying, everything else is salvageable.

«Your best teacher is your biggest mistake. «

But to continue on my tightrope I must not let anyone move or cut my way because it could mean my end.  When I see someone approaching to make me fall, I eliminate it.  I only let someone who wants to help me cross, and even so I prefer to reach my goal alone.

I have sweated a lot and I have had a fear of falling but with my eyes set on the goal and with my effort I have succeeded.

What pride to have overcome obstacles, to have stood tall with all the headwinds and to have reached the goal, although exhausted!

Never throw in the towel because there is always hope even if you don’t see it now.

«No calm sea made a sailor an expert.»

Think that everything has a solution if you do not let yourself be influenced and you are yourself.          @mi_edad_perfecta.                            @conmdesanchez


He aprendido a disfrutar con las cosas pequeñas y con las buenas personas que me rodean.

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