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I wake up every morning and you are not there.  I do not want dawn because the harsh reality becomes unbearable.  I still don’t believe it, I still think you’re still in the room and I’ll go give you a kiss like every day.

But nothing is the same, you have left a void so deep that it is very difficult to fill.

I try to do things that I like and sometimes for a short time I forget, but only for a moment.

I can’t cry, I have no tears to shed and I feel guilty about it.

Everything continues as if your existence had been a chimera, as if you had never lived.  Life continues its rhythm and I get angry because I would like the clouds and the sun to cry for you and for everyone to be saddened by your departure, but life goes on.

I don’t want to sleep because waking up is heartbreaking, I relive the same pain as the day before.  At night I want to dream of you and see you for a moment again, but I keep doing a thousand things and I tell Morpheus heavyweight to go where he came from because I don’t want to sleep.

I don’t want to feel the emptiness that destroys my soul every morning.

Everything will pass and I know it, but it has been so much love that you gave us that we feel alone and lost without you.

I know that your soul accompanies us and you may be crying for my words but it is the truth, my mother, everything down here died when you said goodbye.

Elena.  M§

Respect so that they respect you, do not judge because no one is in anyone’s shoes and do not do what you do not like to be


He aprendido a disfrutar con las cosas pequeñas y con las buenas personas que me rodean.

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